Creative Chance is an innovative project designed to break down social barriers between those with and without disabilities in Baltimore, while promoting, educating, and creating opportunities within the arts for people of all abilities.

Project Specifics:
– implementation of two street festivals per calendar year in Baltimore communities, beginning with Fells Point
– exposure for an extensive network of artists within the disability
community, including dancers, theater performers, musicians, visual artists, comedians, photographers, DJs, community activists and more
– opportunities for vendors and artists to sell and promote
– live performances throughout the events
– opportunities for personal interviews and education surrounding artists with disabilities
– employment and recreational opportunities
– goal of increased awareness and access to local businesses for people with disabilities
– incredible social change within Baltimore communities

Creative Chance is an original inspiration, mission and vision of Founder/Director Amanda Taylor. Ms. Taylor has been working with individuals with disabilities since 1999 in various roles, specializing in autism therapy, creative movement and expressive arts therapy techniques. Her background includes many years of performance, but her most recent role was as a program director in a center for independent living where she designed and pioneered multiple programs and curriculum in the Baltimore area. She has extensive experience in nonprofit organizations, and it has been her dream to enter the nonprofit world as an entrepreneur, finally making Creative Chance a reality after many years of planning.

“Individuals with disabilities are our friends, neighbors, colleagues and family, and are available, talented, and have much to offer the world of the arts and the world in general. It is too often that individuals with disabilities feel they cannot succeed or even have the chance to embark on recreational or career opportunities within the arts. Opportunities that are afforded to people without disabilities in the arts should be offered to those with disabilities without question of competency. Imagine a day when an individual in a wheelchair or with autism wins American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. This is the world Creative Chance aims to build. Change begins locally in our communities, and Creative Chance is the origin and heart of authentic positive change.”
– Amanda Taylor, Founder/Director

Grants and additional funding mechanisms are needed to sustain Creative Chance, as we are in the process of formation of the organization as a nonprofit 501(c)(3). This will enable the work to continue long term and reach many more individuals in Baltimore and surrounding areas!


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  1. I heard you speak at the Maryland Disabilities Conference.i am interested in talking with you about the organization and possibly working with you as a volunteer .

    Many thanks for your passion and concept.

    Director of development & marketing
    New Horizons SupportedServices inc,

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